What The Parents of Our Children Say About Us...

"I want to say a big thank you to all the adults and children at Buttercups for making [our son's] first day so special. We think it was so nice of you all to plan the morning around trains, knowing that this is his favourite, because of everyone's efforts he felt relaxed and included, which meant he really enjoyed his first day.
We loved looking at the photos together, I can see from the photos that you made sure he was well looked after. My favourite photo is the one of him eating his banana on the bridge!"


"[Our son's] confidence has come on leaps and bounds, this has definitely helped him to settle and enjoy school. Our children still love the outdoors, they are disappointed when they don't get to play outside if it rains. [Our son] still loves collecting 'treasure', especially sticks. He has a great imagination with them, some sticks he has found even had emails on them! I love the ethos of learning outside, our children left Buttercups happy and confident children and in just a few weeks at school have settled in far better than I expected. Buttercups set the foundation for them both to love learning, thank you."


"I believe Buttercups nurtured [our daughter's] interest in the world around her, encouraged her natural self-confidence and independence and developed her creative and enquiring mind."


"[Our son] was far more school ready than I had given him credit for. He has settled into his chool really well, that is thanks to all the independent skills he learned at Buttercups. More importantly, Buttercups has given him a love for learning, awe and wonder about his surroundings and a continuous need to explore and find out things. His social skills, manners and self-esteem have put him in good stead for school."


"Buttercups has prepared [our daughter] for school brilliantly. She has settled so well and I think this is hugely due to the confidence gained at Buttercups. I also think the physical demands of being in a learning environment from 9-3:20, Mon-Fri has been hard for some children to adjust to, but [our daughter] has coped well - again I credit this to the stamina built up in an outdoors-based setting. Her grasp of reading has amazed me - she can sound/blend words - the 'learning to look' habit instilled on the walks around Bursledon have surely played a part! Thank you for everything, I could not have asked for a better pre-school experience."


"[Our daughter] has settled into Buttercups so much better than I could ever have wished. If she could go every day I'm sure she would. She talks about her days at Buttercups to all the family members, even her little sister. She has made some lovely little friends and tells me what they have talked about. She also doesn't stop talking about her teachers, and how much she loves them. [Our daughter] has always been a confident little girl but since starting at Buttercups she has learned so much. She has learned her alphabet, lots of different songs, days of the week and lots more stuff. We are very happy with how she is progressing at Buttercups and I am also happy with the lovely atmosphere there is when I drop her off and pick her up. It makes it easy to know she is left having lots of fun."


"When we went away last week we realised just how much of a difference going to Buttercups has made to [our son's] stamina as he climbed up the massive hill overlooking the Needles and was the only one of us who didn't look like they were going to collapse at the top. However when he announced he was going to roll down we did have to evaluate finding an alternative path!"


"I just wanted to thank you once again for the amazing experience [our son] had while at Buttercups... We had his first Parents Evening this week and his teacher was full of positives about [our son] - she commented particularly on his imagination and creativity, things I feel were nurtured both at home and also by you and your amazing team of staff. For us, one of the most brilliant things about [our son] starting school is the quiet confidence that he is showing. Obviously he is not (and probably won't ever be) a loud little boy who wants to be the centre of attention, but whereas a year or so ago he struggled with entering new situations, from the very first day he went into the classroom excited and eager to be part of his new adventure! This, I believe is entirely due to the slow way you brought him out of himself... You could say you brought him out of his shell in time to be a turtle (his class name!) Other things we are so happy about include how much he is enjoying writing... I was talking to my mum about it as I know some children find this hard or don't enjoy it as much... She credited this to you saying you got children 'school-ready'; that rather than spending the precious preschool years concerned with formal mark makings and other preoccupations of what many feel are priorities ahead of starting school, you allowed them to explore, experiment and discover in ways that let them feel naturally ready for the next step. I genuinely don't think we can thank you enough or even express to you how much the time [our son] spent with you has meant to him... He said his best bit of Buttercups was 'making things' and in many ways this probably does sum up a great deal... Making friends, making memories, making adventures, making stories, making scones, making pirate ships, making fun, making the best foundations for learning... The list could go on." (Note from Buttercups: this lovely message brought tears to our eyes)

"Ofsted is important but parent's confidence in you is more important, and there is not a grade high enough for you all in my opinion and I never stop telling people this."


"The staff genuinely appear to enjoy their jobs, which is reflected in the care and instruction that they give to the children. The staff take the time to get to know the children and their parents. Since starting at Buttercups [our son's] confidence and social skills have developed enormously, which I put down to the time the staff spend encouraging and developing these skills. As a generally shyer child it has been excellent to see that he has been encouraged to come forward, rather than just allowing him to sit back. It is a family environment where the children are happy and grow, with supportive and caring staff. I would also comment on all the benefits that being outside brings to the children, as this is something I strongly believe in!"


"As we travel in the car, [our son] tells me 'that lamp post is number 61'. A little further, 'a 6 and a 3, 63... An 8 and a 4, 84'. I'm amazed at his new found interest in two-digit numbers, even if he's not quite reading them properly yet. As we drive past the number 16 house [he] says 'a 6 and a 1, 61'. He's looking for numbers everywhere - well done Buttercups for igniting his interest through your walks - I've tried explaining that we don't say 'threety four', or 'fivety two'!"


"All members of staff are attentive and make your child feel extra special, nurturing the children as individuals and recognising and supporting their different characteristics. I love receiving the Learning Journey - they always feel very personal and it's lovely to see what the children have been up to."


"[Our son's] confidence has soared since starting at Buttercups, I think it is because he feels secure there. I have recommended Buttercups [to my friends] because of the outdoors exploring, the amazing staff and the home-from-home feeling. [My son] enjoys the exploring and the craft. He comes home full of beans and proud of the achievements he has had that day."


"Thank you so much for the huge amount of time, love, effort, thought and energy you have put in to making Buttercups the best place for little minds to learn, grow and explore."


"I cannot put into words how much you all have contributed to [our children's] early years education. I give my art history students the following quote and at 16, 17 & 18 many of them still don't get it... Buttercups children (thanks to the amazing Buttercups staff!) do: "You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you're finished, you'll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird. So let's look at the bird and see what it's doing - that's what counts. I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something" - Richard Feynman. Thank you for the fun, adventures and learning they have been able to do. They are amazing and to know that you think that too is most amazing!"


"I believe in life there really are some defining moments. For [my son] and I, finding Buttercups has beyond a shadow of doubt been one of those moments. [Our son] has found sanctuary in a wonderful family at the pre-school, where he has thrived and blossomed. I can't thank you enough. You have also gone above and beyond your duty of care, putting both [my son] and I on a much happier and safer track. From the bottom of my heart I wish you all the very best at the pre-school and personally."


"An enormous thank you for giving [our children] a fantastic start to their learning in such a wonderful environment. The time has gone so fast, we know they would like to stay with you forever if they could. We are so privileged to have been there at the beginning of your Buttercups adventure. You and your team have been brilliant, your love and energy shines through."

"The whole experience has been a real adventure for [our son] and we wanted to make sure you knew that we appreciate the way you looked after him and showed so much care and kindness."

"We just want to say a huge thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make Buttercups such a special place for our children. You have all been amazing! There has never been a day when [our son] didn't want to come, thank you so much for everything."


"Buttercups, for my little boy, is like a second home"


"The garden and garden facilities are better than any other preschool or nursery I've ever visited. The staff ratios are higher than anywhere else and this shows with the attention each child gets. I also like having more mature staff (no insult intended). there is no need to get the feeling someone is 'training' with your child. Educational and social development of our child happens naturally and easily because of the amazing atmosphere and because our child is having such fun."


"The equipment and toys always look in very good condition, [our son] is always happy to come in and play. There is a large range of resources to attract different interests. I am very pleased with the outdoor activities, [our son] especially loves visiting the woods and playing with the tools. The staff are all very vigilant when it comes to [our son's] egg allergy, often checking with me about certain foods which I find extremely reassuring. When I asked staff to put extra thick socks on him as his boots were rubbing they did, without needing to be reminded. [Our son] talks very highly of the staff and has built positive relationships with them; they always have time to talk even though they are very busy. We are very pleased with [our son's] social development, he was very shy at the start and took a long time to settle, the staff were very supportive and he has truly blossomed since attending, becoming far more confident and out-going in group situations. [Our son] is becoming used to the structure of the day and this in itself is supporting his independence, giving him the tools to enable him to gain a life-long love for learning. He loves the days of the week song!"


"[Our daughter] is always very happy to go to Buttercups and often doesn’t want to come home either. From a social development point of view it has been fantastic. Educationally I think she has responded very well to being in the Buttercups environment. She is hungry for knowledge and I particularly like the focus on outdoors and awareness of environment. What Buttercups does well is to care for children in an individual way. They are always welcomed personally and I like the ethos that the focus has to be on the children, not managing a crowd of somebody else's children. Staff seem to be happy in their position and learning really is made fun."

"I have yet again really enjoyed reading through [my son's] learning journal. I love receiving it and always laugh and show others his pictures. He always seems to be having so much fun with his friends and I especially love seeing all the photos. My favourite has to be the one of him ‘flying’ as Peter Pan. I believe his experiences at Buttercups will stay with him for a very long time. What a fantastic start to his Early Years education. I can’t believe there is only half a term left!"


"I was delighted to receive the learning journey this evening. I am very proud of how caring and compassionate [my son] is and it is lovely to have received feedback to this effect. I am pleased to see the encouragement you give him around observations he makes that I take for granted.....thank you. [My son] loves Buttercups and I am very happy with the care and education you provide."


"We are pleased with [our son's] progress and how much his confidence has grown since he started at buttercups. It is good to see how much he enjoys going out for walks and the surroundings he encounters on the way and good to see the conversations he now has about the things he sees and hears. He has gone from being a shy and not very confident boy to being a chatty and more outgoing child. We thank you for your continued care and development of our little boy in preparation to his next step into school."


“I love it that you send such a comprehensive record of what [our son] does and says at Buttercups. We will look through it together again and again. Buttercups is a very big part of his life and the learning journey makes us able to join in with his experiences there. He took us on a walk on Saturday around the paths of Bursledon just like he does with you. We sat on the logs set round for snack time by the Mausoleum, practised crossing the road by the cemetery and collected fir cones to take home – just like he does at Buttercups. He was very much in charge! Please don’t ever stop doing the learning journey, because it is just one of the reasons that makes Buttercups a special place to go. Thanks for the memories.”


"I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all of Buttercups for your support with [our son]. I know that he has enjoyed his time with you all and had fun as well as learning new things to help him at school. I wanted to personally say what a wonderful team you have and you all do a marvellous job both with the children and with the parents. Long may it continue and I won't hesitate in recommending Buttercups."


"Thank you for taking the time to complete [our son's] learning journey. It is a pleasure to read and it is especially appreciated by his daddy and grandparents. The nice thing is that his behaviour and the things that he says are exactly what he would do and say at home so I know he must be very happy and confident in his environment to act just the same. It is also nice to read the names of his friends so I know who he is talking about when he starts his 'story telling'. Thanks again, the children are very lucky to have such a special pre-school with such lovely teachers."

"Thank you so much for forwarding [our son's] learning journey. We have just read it with him and have never smiled, laughed and cried (with laughter!) at the same time. It's wonderful to see what he is learning outside of home with yourselves and what he remembers and speaks about and shares with you (the grasshopper and having to be quiet - the day before we had been listening out for grasshoppers on our walk)."


"This is such a lovely thing to get. I really appreciate the work that you put into it. It makes it seem as if [our son] is the only one you look after! Really, really informative."


"[Our son] has been very funny this week, everytime we go to give him birthday cake he says "no cake for children at Buttercups!!" and then laughs a lot saying "that's what Kate and Bridget say" - sounds like you enjoyed a lot of cake on monday ;) Thanks for being such a wonderful pre-school for [our son], we are so happy as he is so happy! Thank you!"


"I Loved reading [our son's] learning journey so far... it is really special to be able to have an insight into the little conversations that go on from day to day! It is wonderful to know that the children's love of learning is being nurtured! Thank you all for all you do!"


"We can't thank you enough for the support you have shown [our daughter] this week, especially Augusta. Mum and I loved spending time with you and think you are all doing an amazing job, providing the children with a home from home sense of security and experiences which they clearly enjoy every minute of."


"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you all for your support and providing such a positive, caring environment for [our son]. As you know this is our son's first preschool experience, and as a parent, I cannot express enough gratitude to those involved in helping to mould and influence him in such a positive atmosphere. We look forward to introducing our younger son to Buttercups in September."


"I was so pleased that [our son] got a learning journey, having been with you for such a short time. The things that you observed and wrote were so typical of things he says it made me feel like he had a special relationship with you as well, and it makes me feel very secure that he is going to a 'special' pre-school. It was especially appreciated by his daddy and grandparents who unfortunately cannot share in his day to day adventures like I can. Many thanks."


"Thank you so much for having the vision to open Buttercups. You will never know the impact you have had on [our son] - he is so much happier and growing in confidence all the time... We feel so blessed that he has Buttercups - he has learned so much, made great friends and will miss you all so much over the summer."


"Just sat down with a cup of tea and read [my son’s] learning journey. It’s wonderful! So detailed! Thank you so much, we will treasure it forever!"


"Wow, and thank you so much for sending [our son's] Learning Journal - We very much enjoyed reading all the little remarks he has been making, not to mention we were so amused at some of the comments! The disc was invaluable - [it is] so lovely to see the children so happy, confident and engaged! Thank you! [Our son] is really looking forward to Buttercups again. Every time he does something he is proud of he wants to show Kate!"


"Many thanks for letting us pop in today, [our son] loved it, and had a little scone which he really enjoyed! He has been speaking about what he saw at preschool to everyone all day. I am very impressed with the layout, resources and daily structure that you have. [Our son] loves the outdoors and cooking, of which you do both, so I know he'll just love it with you."


"[our children] have really enjoyed their first week at Buttercups and are very happy. It has such a lovely, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You have all been so welcoming and helpful. It is by far the best experience of preschool we have encountered."


"[Our son] had previously started pre-school in a different setting 6 months ago and despite the staff being caring, supportive and welcoming, he had never truly settled. From the first visit to Buttercups, we knew it was the right place for him... the atmosphere created by the staff is remarkable... there is a sense of peace, calm, creativity, openess and nurture. Since the initial visit, [our son] has begun his 3 sessions... he looks forward to attending and is full of information about the things he has been able to do in each session - already he has been on walks; made scones; made a stickman; drawn; made friends and most importantly, loved each moment. The timings of the day are perfect - neither too long or too short and being one session each day, there is not the disruption of children coming and going. The philosophy and values instilled by the staff are fantastic... they are excellent role models ([our son] asked for couscous over the weekend, something he has never had, because his preaschool teacher had it for lunch!) and they pay incredible attention to detail - thinking about the small but important things that make children feel at ease - no shoes in the main room, playing on the floor at their level, a detailed starting pack that required a good amount of information about [our son] - giving them a valuable insight into his life. Overall, I would like to thank the team for the wonderful setting they have created and look forward to [our son] continuing to develop in their care."


"It was lovely to read what [our daughter] has been up to. We enjoyed reading things that she had said! We are both thrilled with how she has settled - despite a few wobbly starts to the sessions. Thank you for all your hard work and for making [our daughter] (and us) feel so welcome."


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